Honey, I'm Homespun...

Welcome to my little blog. I hope we will be spending more time together, all be it virtually, so thought it only polite to introduce myself. My name's Bex and I'm a makeaholic.

I love to make things - dinners, scarfs, music, tea time treats, decorations, skirts, gifts, curtains... you get the idea.

I got married a few years ago and discovered the wonderful world of wedding blogs. After the day itself, I had quite a few people asking about my experiences and wanting to know if they can borrow items I made. This made me think there could be more people out there interested in such things and so I made the step from avid blog reader to blogger. 

Since then, I have had a baby and moved down to Brighton, which stalled the writer and maker in me while I worked out being a mummy in a new city. I refreshed and renewed Homespun Honey 2015 with all the material that my new life has offered up!

A few facts about me...

1. I am a professional singer and run my own band, The bb Collective. Making music for people's wedding days is the best job ever and mainly working at night gives me down time to make things during the day - yay!

2. I have been married to my soul mate since May 19th 2012. Our wedding day was better than I ever could have imagined it would be. More on that as we go along!

3. I can't eat small food - rice, mince, sweetcorn. It makes me an annoying dinner guest.

4. I'm the eldest of four children - this apparently has made me a bit bossy...

5. I cry, on average, about 3 times a day - any emotion at all ends up leaking from my eyes.

6. I'm ludicrously clumsy.

7. I can drink most people under the table. And eat hotter curries than anyone I know except my mum.

8. I teach music to babies. They are surprisingly good.

9. I love all things 50s and am a fully paid up member of the Audrey / Marilyn / Elizabeth fan clubs.

10. I adore high heels but can't wear them for longer than an hour at a time. So sad.

So that's me - now how about you? I'm hoping this blog will grow to include guest posts and contributions from all of you so please email me with any ideas or advice you may have for a new blogger! It goes without saying that I'd love to get your comments and feedback too.

So off we go homespun honeys - ready, set, MAKE STUFF!